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Identifying your transferable skills is much more fun if you think about them as your super powers. Career expert Amanda Smidt sees all our life roles as contexts we can draw on to develop these skills (watch below).  She explains that people also refer to transferable skills as soft skills or generic skills. These include the obvious ones such as time-management, communication and team work.

Within the job search process, thinking of transferable skills as super powers needs to align with an individual’s personal career story. Creating a story around skills as personal strengths draws attention to your unique characteristics and achievements. In addition it’s important to clarify how you have practically demonstrated those strengths in situations relevant to your preferred work. This is likely to set you apart from those who simply list a set of skills in their CV or during a job interview.

As Amanda says, be bold and courageous as you put the finishing touches on your own super powers picture!

Dr Val O’Reilly is an Executive Director of The Career Development Company. Keep an eye on our homepage for updates on our response to Covid-19. #career #career conversations

3 thoughts on “Your Transferable Skills

  1. Thank you for talking about super powers! It’s a particularly enjoyable part of my work – and a privilege – to hear people tell their stories. I agree that as career workers we encourage the telling of these stories in CVs, cover letters, job interviews, and at networking events, because good stories about our super powers deserve to be told more than once! It takes time to craft a pithy story and I think it’s a very good investment of creative energy. These ‘skill statements’ can be expressed in the written and spoken word, in short or long form; they are memorable and leave a residue with the reader or listener. Bravo Amanda and Val!

  2. Amanda Smidt says:

    Thank you, Jean. Your reference to this work as an “investment in creative energy” resonates. The ‘skill statements’ are indeed more compelling when clients shift their approach from ‘selling themselves’ to ‘expressing their authentic selves’ (aka superpowers) through stories.

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