The Unfurling Fronds


The Story and the Mahi

We have proudly launched The Unfurling Fronds. This social enterprise initiative is a dynamic extension to our Mā whero mā pango ka oti ai te mahi whakataukī. Importantly, we’re a wholly New Zealand-owned start up. Therefore, the image of fresh, green fern fronds growing up with strength and vitality is significant for us.

Layers of Meaning 

The unfurling fronds metaphor symbolises The CDC approach to giving for good. It encapsulates career development as an evolving life journey. It also represents the organic development we embrace for our giving projects. At times our social enterprises have a set time for completion; at other times they are longer term or ongoing. In this way, the concept of The Unfurling Fronds aligns with the whakataukĪ Mate atu he tetekura, ara mai he tetekura. The translation means something like “when one plant frond dies, another plant frond rises to take its place”.


Our team of four is committed to advocacy for career development. We also deliver, collaborate on and support solutions that help individuals and organisations to thrive. The Unfurling Fronds initiative evolved from our 2019 collaboration with Mark Gillard and the NZ Careers Expo group. Our team personally delivered a suite of much-needed, high-quality career seminars at the Expos in Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton and Wellington. From our wide network we also brought on board a few other career experts and like-minded colleagues. They graciously volunteered their time and expertise for the initiative. The overall aim was to support students and parents in making career decisions. There was no cost to participants and only minimal promotion costs for the Careers Expo. Participant feedback was immediate and overwhelmingly positive. 

The Mahi/Work

The CDC is a for profit social enterprise. We want to expand our reach and social impact. We’re on the lookout for giving that reflects our commitment to career development as a social justice. In addition, we’ll be seeking partners and inviting collaborators to join us to strengthen our social enterprise efforts. Watch this space!

Join With Us

Would you like more information about how you can join or help The Unfurling Fronds initiative? Contact us today with your details and we’ll get right back to you. We’ll also keep you posted on information about our social enterprise activities here and on our social media channels.