Keeping it real in turbulent times

Over the next few weeks I’m catching up with three career professionals who are also parents. Their take on how parents can manage career conversations with their children will be timely. These are stormy seas we’re all navigating. I’ll be asking each expert to unpack some of the important steps parents can take to support their children in their career journeys. 

I’ve written before about why expertise matters, and these chats will tap into expert, up-to-date career knowledge. A key topic will be how to manage heightened uncertainty about the changing labour market.

My first chat about career conversations (see below) is with Caroline Sandford. Her young adult children are in their twenties. Next time I’ll be chatting with Julie Thomas about career conversations with teenagers and the third catch up will be with Amanda Smidt about career conversations with young children.

Dr Val O’Reilly is an Executive Director of The Career Development Company. Keep an eye on our homepagefor updates on our response to Covid-19. #career #wayfinding

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