Tips for moving forward

In my work with clients I use the word reflect to signal an essential activity for their career development. Since Covid-19, the term reframe is now a recurring feature in my career conversations. Importantly, the sense of reframing is not about repeating what has gone before. As my colleague Caroline Sandford wrote a short time ago, it describes a change that is taking place.

And as so many have articulated recently, we are experiencing unprecedented change. Several weeks ago, to explore the immediate impact of Covid-19 on workers and their families, I spoke with Andrew; expert builder and company director. As we began the Level 4 lock down here in New Zealand he was uncertain about what might happen to the business and the employees. He joins me again (see below) for an update. His story of reaching out to his network to reframe his career in the construction sector is a hopeful oneand one that highlights the value of building relationships based on mutual trust.

Dr Val O’Reilly is an Executive Director of The Career Development Company. Keep an eye on our homepage for updates on our response to Covid-19. #career #career conversations

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