I found our meetings really informative and useful. The sessions provided me with clear insight into the professional space, and the steps I will need to take to achieve my career goals. I’ve learnt how to structure my CV and Cover Letter to fit today’s professional environment. I’ve also been able to identify my key values that I know without doubt will be useful for my career progression. 


Career Coaching & Counselling

Whatever stage you are at in your career journey, making decisions about your future can often be overwhelming. Career coaching or counselling helps to bring clarity and support, so that you can effectively navigate the next step in your journey to achieve your desired outcome.

Our CDC career specialists will work with you to demystify and simplify the process, and equip you with the right tools and the knowledge to make good decisions for your future.

Sessions are tailored to suit each individual so you can gain the outcome that you want. 2-4 sessions are normally required and may cover the following:

  • An understanding of who you are, and what you have to offer
  • Clarity about your future career direction
  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of the market
  • A strategy for achieving your goal, with realistic steps to make that happen
  • Reviewing and / or developing marketing material such as your CV and LinkedIn profile, to ensure effective personal branding.

To make good decisions about your future career, contact us today and begin the journey to achieve the outcome that you want.

Download flyer here: Career Coaching and Counselling

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Mentoring is a learning and developmental partnership between an experienced practitioner and a less experienced practitioner. Mentoring is usually less formal than supervision and may be undertaken in conjunction with supervision. It is often focused on career progression. Positive mentoring relationships can promote confidence, expand knowledge and stimulate new practice.

What can Mentors offer?
  • Mentors are often experienced and can be trusted advisors providing important information and knowledge
  • Mentors are sounding boards for potential ideas and can give insight to situations that may not be obvious
  • Mentors find ways to stimulate personal and professional growth, and offer encouragement and guidance
  • Mentors can provide access to potential connections

Download flyer here: Professional Supervision and Mentoring


You helped me reflect on my current role and clarify my professional goals and aspirations. Your compassion, active listening and constructive feedback has made me feel heard, understood and more equipped to make positive changes in my professional life.  Thank you for your excellent supervision. I would highly recommend your service to others.


Professional Supervision

Professional supervision is a formal collaborative and confidential process with the primary purpose of enabling people working in career development to meet the needs of their clients as effectively as possible. It is a structured, contractual arrangement for critical reflection to support professional development, competence, and promote adherence to the CDANZ Code of Ethics. Professional supervision may be one-to-one, peer or group.

At The CDC, we see Professional Supervision as essential support to those who work with people, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all concerned.

Why consider professional supervision?
  • It will raise your professional standards and adherence to codes of ethics
  • Your clients receive improved services and ultimately outcomes
  • You get support for and insight into your practice
  • You grow your professional knowledge and competence
  • You become more dynamic in your practice delivery
Topics that could be covered in supervision:
  • Exploring professional issues that are impacting on effective practice
  • The use of assessment tools, resources and tests
  • Discussing strategies, systems and processes when working with clients
  • Skill development, for example, micro-counselling or facilitating groups
  • Conceptualising challenging cases
  • Exploring ethical and cultural issues within a practitioner’s practice
  • Discussing how the practitioner’s world view impacts on work with their clients

Download flyer here: Professional Supervision and Mentoring

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Facing redundancy can be stressful, and it is normal to have many questions:

  • How can I focus on looking for another job when I am feeling angry and disappointed about what has happened?
  • What could I have done differently?
  • How am I going to pay my bills?
  • How am I going to get another job at my age?
  • Last job I went for was years ago – everything has changed – how can I compete?
  • I don’t even have a CV!

The CDC is here to support you every step of the way.  We will help you to gain the skills, motivation and confidence to:

  • Understand your current situation and how to work through it effectively
  • Clarify exactly what you have to offer including your transferable skills and knowledge
  • Work out what you want to do, assessing your past experience and looking at the future
  • Understand the current job market, and learn how you can succeed in securing the position that you want
  • Effectively market yourself – through your CV, cover letter and online
  • Successfully prepare for and shine in the interview

Contact us today to discuss your needs and to gain key tips that you can implement straight away to get your future back on track.

Download flyer here: Career Transitions and Outplacement Services

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Education and Training

The CDC offers specialist expertise and support to education providers, helping them design, develop, and deliver career development programmes and services.

Students and trainees also need support to navigate transitions between education, training and employment. The CDC team are committed to helping learners connect their learning with the world of work and who they will become: their future selves. We will work with you to support student and trainee engagement, understanding and a desire for lifelong learning.


What can The CDC help you with?
  • Developing or strengthening your current career development programmes and services to enhance the outcomes for your students and trainees
  • Training staff to engage in effective career conversations with staff, students or trainees, using our unique RECI™ model for effective career conversations. 
  • Presenting topical career development seminars and workshops for staff, students, trainees, and parents
  • Providing individual and group coaching and career counselling sessions for staff, students and trainees
  • Providing professional development for teaching staff in the integration of the ‘world of work’ into the classroom
  • Supporting career staff to design, develop and deliver evidence-based career development programmes
  • Advising on and/or lead the review, design and development of New Zealand career-specific qualifications, programmes and assessment


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Develop Your Profile
Are you trying to navigate your way through unexpected change, or making purposeful transitions?

You may be navigating the first steps of your career journey, or scoping a project?

Whatever the circumstances or stage you’re at, it’s essential to reflect on, develop and regularly review your personal profile.

Our unique RECI® model is a recognised approach to help you gain confidence in developing what is often called your brand. Creating a personal brand or profile can be fun but also a little daunting, especially in this fast-changing labour market.

An effective career profile supports you to secure the job or leadership position you want, attract sponsors or funding for a project you’re planning, and to build your networks of influence.

We’ll work with you to identify appropriate tools and resources to build your unique profile and begin to shape your career action plan. We’ll explore with you how others are likely to view your brand, and how you can grow your networks of influence. Although not an exclusive list, our team has the expertise to support you and/or your team in undertaking, developing, or reviewing combinations of the following:

  • Behavioural and/or personality assessment
  • Career competency assessment
  • Career values
  • CV/Resume and Cover Letter
  • Elevator pitch
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Personal mission statement
  • Personal qualities, specialist knowledge, and transferable skills
  • Preferred work environments
  • Training and education priorities

To develop and review your career profile with confidence, contact us today.


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Thank you so much for your great advice and support. I received an offer through some interviews, a presentation, and a demonstration. I am so excited to join the organisation.




Business and Corporate

Could you use some independent career development expertise? Do you need to complement your existing HR/OD services, or to fill a career services gap?

The CDC understands the challenges New Zealand businesses face when taking an active role in the career and development of their staff, and the conflicting demands on time and resources. We are a team of career professionals who have worked with a range of organisations to design and deliver programmes to support the career development of managers and staff.

Our career development services come in many forms, tailored to help you achieve:

  • An increase in the engagement of your workforce, improving productivity and retention
  • Reduced disruption during a period of organisational change
  • Effective career decision making and career transitions for staff
  • A positive team culture

The need for external advice might be triggered in several ways. You may have included the review in your annual business planning, it may be part of a set review cycle, or identified as a milestone in an organisational change project. A need may also have been identified in staff engagement or exit surveys, or from evaluations of learning and development programmes.

The CDC will work alongside key people in your organisation to:
  • Ensure quality of guiding documents to reflect your desire for a thriving workforce
  • Advise, review or develop current or draft career development policies, procedures and programmes


The CDC will work alongside your organisation to support teams and individuals during workplace and career change, with:
  • Specialist advice to ensure career development needs are factored in when implementing changes
  • Presentations and workshops on coping with workplace and career change – sessions for leaders and for staff, or in mixed groups
  • Career planning workshops based on our unique RECI® model to reflect, explore possibilities, create strategies and implement an action plan
  • Individual career coaching and counselling for career transition and workplace issues


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Would your organisation benefit from independent career development expertise? Would improved quality of career services benefit your clients or learners, or your own staff?

There is ample evidence that career development brings substantial benefits to the economy, as well as to organisations.  Supporting individuals in enhancing their capacities contributes to more jobs, more skills availability, and more economic growth (ref Tristram and Dobbs, 2015).

The CDC offers an independent voice for the improvement of career development services, and in outcomes for your clients and staff, and for the country as a whole. 

Some examples of external advice and quality assurance services that you might request from us are:
  • External advisory or reference group membership, to bring a focus on lifelong career development and lifelong learning
  • Independent quality assurance for programmes, projects and initiatives for career development of client and staff
  • Advice and feedback on policy and implementation plans


The CDC offer specialist expertise to support State sector organisations to design and deliver career development programmes, services and resources, enabling staff to have meaningful and productive careers, and for your clients to navigate the career transitions across their life-times. 


The CDC can help you support your managers and staff:
  • Effective ‘Career Conversations’ workshops
  • Individual and group coaching and career counselling sessions
  • Support your HR/OD staff to design, develop and deliver evidence-informed career development programmes
  • Independent advice on and/or leadership in reviewing, designing and development of New Zealand career-specific qualifications, programmes and assessment


The CDC can help you support a range of client groups, such as
  • Young people finding their way early in their career
  • Those new to New Zealand
  • Adults looking for work
  • Parents returning to work
  • Aged workforce transitioning out of paid employment