Navigating career with a Wayfinding Mindset

Early Polynesian voyagers undertook journeys using scientific navigation methods that saw them successfully travel across vast expanses of ocean. They used this same wayfinding knowledge to reach Aotearoa New Zealand centuries ago. The voyagers used traditional ways of knowing and being to “read” the stars, the wind and ocean currents, the natural life in their surroundings and, guided also by the wisdom of their ancestors, explored new horizons with courage and determination. They discovered new places to settle. And, as problem-solvers, they were able to retrace their journeys and pass on their knowledge to new generations. More recently, ocean-going wayfinding has enjoyed a renaissance, combining modern technologies, such as the use of solar power, with traditional sailing practices. A wayfinding mindset is also inspiring new ways of thinking about business, design, leadership, and career development.



Navigation and wayfinding are powerful metaphors for the life journey that is your career.

At The Career Development Company we’ve adopted a Wayfinding Mindset to help you navigate your career and find your way. This systematic approach to career development draws on expert knowledge, clear thinking for solving problems, and a collaborative approach to support you to manage your career amidst life’s complexities.                                                                    

The RECI® model is our unique wayfinder solution, with four practical steps that support both individuals and organisations to make sense of career.



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RECI® model
RECI® model