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Networking is about sharing information, whether the connections are between humans or computers.  At the individual level, we might experience some awkwardness when we first meet people in unfamiliar social and work settings. With practice and by observing others we become accustomed to certain ways of behaving and introducing ourselves. In time our confidence in networking grows.

Career professional and social media expert Andrew Tui has some great advice about saying ‘hello’ online (see the short video below). Essentially, the same networking etiquette we observe when we articulate our elevator pitch applies when we create our personal brand online. Andrew encourages us to understand the platform we want to use while taking time to reflect on who we are and how we want to present ourselves. And, as he says, it’s OK to try new things.



Dr Val O’Reilly is an Executive Director of The Career Development Company. Keep an eye on our homepage for updates on our response to Covid-19. #career #career conversations

Get comfortable with your short, powerful message about what you have to offer and craft it for your online introduction


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