Tips to navigate the steps for a market-ready CV

You’re applying for jobs and you need to write a great CV in a hurry.  So you sit down, open your laptop, start a new document or open your old CV  to get it sorted and then…confusion. One thing you know is that you need to describe your transferable skills.  Where to start? What to put in? Which parts to leave out? And what are employers looking for now? You need help!

Career expert Caroline Sandford has some timely tips to navigate writing a CV (see below).  Although things have changed in what’s needed for a great CV, Caroline makes what might seem like a complex task sound fun. It’s simpler than you might imagineonce you know how.  Her insights and recommendations will help people who might never have written or needed a CV before and those looking to refresh the content for today’s market.  

Dr Val O’Reilly is an Executive Director of The Career Development Company. Keep an eye on ourhomepage for updates on our response to Covid-19. #career #career conversations


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